© Reka Kiraly 2005 — 2014

Reka Kiraly is a graphic- and surface designer based in Helsinki, Finland. She is fascinated by modularity, curious collections and the strange light conditions of the Nordic countries taken with humour.

One more 
children's book (orig. title: Yksi vielä) 
Published by Etana Editions, 2014

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Topi's Sooty day
children's book (orig. title: Topin nokinenäpäivä) 
Published by WSOY, 2014

Little Big Story of Tomorrow
children's book (orig. title: Pieni suuri tarina huomisesta) 
Published by WSOY, 2013

Wall mural
Large scale, temporary wall mural
in the center of Helsinki

Paper-cut illustrations
for the Happy Moomin-amigurumi book. 
Published by WSOY, 2013

It's snowing, Lupo!
children's book
(orig. title: Lunta sataa, Lupo!
Published by WSOY, 2014

Kiasma Monsters
characters for all children's programs
for Kiasma - Museum of Contemporary Art Helsinki

pattern design

pattern design – Japan

pattern design – Japan

Winter Garden
pattern design – Japan

Amnesty International Finland
t-shirt illustration

Alice in Wonderland
exhibition catalogue and guide
for The Finnish Museum of Photography